Literally an hour ago as we sat watching the Argentina vs Nigeria match both my iPhone and Karim’s Blackberry lit up simultaneously with an important message from his sister Zeina in the US. Over coffee and croissants at a small café, her boyfriend of three years had proposed! How lovely is that!

Being the good Arab-American boy he had met her dad beforehand and asked his permission to propose to her. He’s the son of a family friend who is practically family and Karim has known Omar since they moved into the same area back when they were both still in elementary school. And so now Zeina and her dude are engaged!

Karim pointed out that it would have been a little awkward had Zeina declined the offer (she’s known for her unpredictability lol) and had come home to her father’s beaming smile only to tell him that she had said no. But luckily she didn’t!

It’s these type of moments when I look over at Karim and wonder whether he misses being back in the US with his family. I get pangs of longing to be there myself and I had perhaps spent all in all of about a month if you gather up all the holidays and the time they came to London for the wedding. Just about one month of physically being in each others lives and yet there is this amazing bond that I wouldn’t have dreamed of.

Karim and me have had lengthy discussions about perhaps moving over there. But it’s difficult. I’ve just landed an amazing job, he still has a year and a bit to go on his PhD, I also have my two brothers here who I’d have to pack up and take with me lol.

I think about our future children and here in London, unless my brothers settle down here as well, they wont have any family. And that is a sad thought. Friends are amazing substitutes but it’s not the same.

For now we’re staying in London and meanwhile somewhere on the East Coast of the US our family rejoices and undoubtedly starts making plans for an engagement party.