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It’s been hard getting back into the groove of blogging. This, despite having time on my hands after the reduction in working days. But everything seems too mundane to blog about and so I keep quiet and this blog remains dormant. But my best friend told me yesterday that her hubby has got an amazing opportunity in the UAE and that by the end of September they will be moving out there for good! Now that is something to write about ūüė¶

I met Jumana¬†on my first day at uni¬†as an excited, gonna-change-the-world 18-year-old. I was standing outside the lecture theatre and she came along, her unruly golden mop of curls bouncing the way they always do as she walks. I smiled at her and that gave her enough encouragement¬†to stick her hand out and very formally say “Hello, I’m Jumana, and your name is?”

That was six years ago. Since then we’ve graduated, she’s moved to Dubai for a year, I progressed to¬†another university¬†for my MSc, we’ve fallen in love, gotten married and one of us has a¬†little baby girl!¬†

She’s been a constant in my life, even that year she was in Dubai. Not a day went by without¬†long telephone calls that ranked up phone bills that we then gasped at but proceeded to continue with anyway. It will probably be the same when she leaves in September. The wonder that is Skype will be in constant use and we’ve both already agreed that we’ll pressure our husbands into spending holidays either in London or Abu Dhabi just so we can maximise the time we spend together throughout the coming years.

A part of me will miss Jumana, but the idea of not seeing baby Aida every week is unfathomable! I’ve seen this little thing grow and watched her character form and I can’t believe she’s five months old now! (I know you thought I was talking about a much older child right? Not something that has been with us for 5 months only?) But yeah, I can’t imagine it. My brothers are not getting married any time soon and Karim and me are not planning on having kids for a while yet, so Aida bears the brunt of my baby-cravings, my silly voices, the weird facial expressions that I make in oder to get her to laugh! I gonna miss that kid like hell when she goes.

But hey, I’ve still got 5 months of memory-making until they fly off. But even then, they’re only a flight away ūüôā



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