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Living in a relatively wealthy area of London doesn’t immune you from noisy neighbours unfortunately. For the past seven months there hasn’t been anyone living above us. Apparently it’s owned by an Italian couple who only frequent it come summertime. However, roughly a week ago they made their presence well known, with Opera being blurted out at an extraordinary volume.  I waited for about an hour before going upstairs and pounding on their door (it required fist-pounding because they didn’t seem to hear the door bell). I spoke to them explaining to them that the music was just too loud. I couldn’t even hear myself think! They apologised, switched off the music and I went back downstairs. Not even five minutes passed and it began again!!! I went up again, fuming but this time they wouldn’t open the door. I went downstairs and spoke to the porter (we live in a portered building) and he looked apologetically and told me this happens often when they’re over from Rome, and offered to come up and talk to them. They opened the door this time and apologised again, promising to turn down the music.

I suppose it’s because I only work three days a week and am at home on Mondays and Tuesdays, that I am the only one aware of the noise they make with their opera music (apart from 80-something Mrs Smosarski who is half deaf anyway).  I had to endure operatic voices filtering down into our apartment throughout the weekend and through into Monday and Tuesday, each day being played for four or five hours straight.

Today I came home from work, walked in our apartment straining to hear Pavarotti bellowing out Recondita Armonia from Puccini’s Tosca or Angela Gheorghiu singing the Habanera from Bizet’s Carmen. But nothing. Silence. I was sceptical though, and so as I prepared dinner I waited tentatively for the strains of music to start up. Until Karim walked into the apartment at around 7 and told me that John (the porter) had told him to inform me that the Italian couple had travelled back to Rome this afternoon. You should have seen me literally do a little skip and jump! Yipeee!

And by the way, for those wondering how I know my operas…my dad is a massive fan.



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