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I’ve been blogging since late 2006 but I just really needed a new start – you know how sometimes you just want to shrug off that heavy shroud that had you in its embrace for so long, and just run away and be somebody new? Or at least be somebody new to other people? Well, that’s what I’ve wanted to do for a while now…to start afresh, somewhere where no one knew me as that blogger.

I’m hoping this blog will be a personal space where I’ll be able to share aspects of my life to the world (or no one, as the case may be). I’m not counting on this blog having some crazy following, it’s more of a new chapter to archive those moments that I may otherwise forget. I’m a newlywed, you see, and I’m seeing the world from a new perspective, and it’s, well, fascinating.

So, world here I am and here I go again…



What in the World am I doing…

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